Thursday, November 01, 2007

Press Release of the Week: Drug Delivery!

Most of the releases we receive are from dedicated health care PR pros. If the topics aren't right up our alley, then they tend to be at least tangentially related to what we cover. But yesterday we got a doozy. Put it this way: we never thought we'd be considering the question "Which Air Cannon is right for me?" At least not during our day jobs.

Although this latest bit of press-release inspired amusement is right out of left field, but it did inspire us in a we-thought-everyone-was-done-making-fun-of-Exubera-but-maybe-not sort of way. What you see up there on the right is an "Air Cannon." It's hard to imagine the PR guy who is pitching a biopharma-medical device magazine on a story about these babies really thinks it'd be of much use to, say, Pfizer or Medtronic (or for that matter thinks much at all), but we gave it a shot:
  • next-generation Exubera inhaler
  • tired of waiting for your prescription to be filled at the pharmacy? Just give the pharmacist your coordinates and wait for your statins to land on your front lawn
  • spice up panel discussions by shooting "My vice president of business development went to Pharmaceutical Strategic Alliances and all i got was this lousy T-shirt" shirts into an unsuspecting audience
So any of you PR folks out there who can occasionally find us unresponsive ... take note. When Air Cannons, Inc. Provides Creative Ways to Whip Crowds into a Frenzy shows up in the old in-box, we're all over it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I'm the PR guy who sent you that air cannons release. Your organization came up on a media list of media which covers "promotion" stories - so that is why I was lucky enough to send you information on air cannons. If you take a look at the site at www.aircannonsinc. (which it appears you did for the photo on your blog) - then you and your readers can see that a variety of companies find this a unique way to promote their brand. I enjoyed your creative tongue in cheek ways to use the air cannons too and expect they will be receiving calls soon from both large and small drug companies and some of the chain drug stores. Thanks for the posting.
Dave Liggett

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Chris, I ok, to be a little more granular on the possible applications of Air Cannon in the pharma industry, and for the greater good, here are my "Top 10 Reasons In Vivo Should Devote Space to Air Cannon Technology"

10. Blast of cool air just the thing for patients who report "hot flushes" in clinical trials.
9. One of these babies, along with a fresh pizza pie, greatly enhances chances of a sales rep to make it through a doctor's door. (Just be polite when law enforcement bursts in and throws your sorry rear end to the floor.)
8. A few of these in the room at that conference center in Rockville will convince AdComm folks you are serious. (ditto)
7. Obnoxious swarms of flies in your otherwise "clean" manufacturing facility? No problem!!
6. Unlike pens, memo pads and cool watches, no prohbitions on these as leave behinds.
5. Enables quick, pithy response to pesky financial analysts' questions at investor presentations.
4. Enables quick, pithy response to pesky In Vivo correspondents' questions at investor presentations.
3. Needle-free, transdermal delivery of large proteins. (Caution, have ambulance standing by.)
2. Useful for distracting CFO while he/she reads requisite "fair balance" statement during boring financial calls.
1. Useful for scaring away docs from competitors' sales booths at medical meetings, even though they have better prizes.