Monday, June 16, 2008

While You Were Gearing Up for BIO

We hope your father's day weekends were relaxing and sunny, and if you're heading out to BIO, safe travels. A couple of your IN VIVO Bloggers will be making the trip, so we hope to meet some of you readers out in San Diego. Hopefully Tiger and Rocco will have settled their differences by the time we arrive.

As always here are a few stories you may have missed from a lazy weekend.

  • The New York Times highlights a debate within the prostate cancer treatment community regarding the generic drug finasteride. The drug shrinks the prostate, and may drop the incidence of prostate cancer by up to 30% and prevent the routine over-treatment of the disease which can result in side effects like impotence or incontinence. But others suggest that widespread use of the drug would probably not lower prostate cancer death rates and could in fact make the most aggressive tumors more deadly.
  • All conferenced out after ASCO and ADA, hoping for a respite before BIO? Too bad: this weekend the European Hematology Association met in Copenhagen, where Celgene reported Revlimid survival data and J&J presented Velcade survival data. All the press releases can be found here.
  • GSK's once daily version of ropinirole (Requip XL) received approval in Parkinson's disease, partner Skyepharma said this morning. The slow-release version of the drug uses Skye's geomatrix technology and is already approved in Europe.

image from flickr user >WouteR< used under a creative commons license.

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