Sunday, December 14, 2008

While You Were Brainstorming

We're posting your weekend roundup a little early this weekend and we're bound to have missed a few things that happen Sunday and in the wee hours of Monday. Go ahead and fill in the gaps for us in the comments.

While you were getting roped into writing the IVB weekend roundup yourself ...

  • Has it been a year already? It's the New York Times Magazine's "Year in Ideas" issue, one we look forward to immensely. Otherwise how would we know about Airbags for the Elderly (pretty much what they sound like) that help protect during a fall, or McSleepy, the first fully automated anesthesia system created at McGill University? (Guys, we're not even out of the As in this A-to-Z list.) Last year we devoted an entire post to the gems found in this list--no time for that in 2008, no sirree, we've got places to go and people to see and Deals of the Year Nominees to write-up. But we encourage you to read the whole list anyway. A formula for deciding whether to wait for the bus or to hoof it? Yes, please.
  • Sure is quiet this weekend.
  • OK, back to the year in ideas. You'll have to wind your own way through the alphabetized list over at the New York Times. But we wanted to remind you that our very own Deals of the Year! series is very much like our own version of the Times' list (except no where near as flashy, very focused on health care business strategies, and a bit haphazard--we don't need no stinkin' alphabetizin'). Sure we're not going to tell you why it might be bad to redshirt your kid in kindergarten or to eat more kangaroo meat (mmm, bouncy), but we're all over the stuff that matters: alternative financing, FDA's newfound negotiating power, technology trends, exit strategies and risk sharing. So be sure to review the nominees so far and stay tuned for half a dozen or so more this week. There will be no debates (unless you fire some up in the comments section, but we're going to call that unlikely based on past experience) but your chance to vote is coming. We'll open up the voting in about a week and leave it open into the new year, and announce your winners in early January.
n.b. post actually written by Casper, Beetlejuice, and Clarence Odbody

image by flickr user cayusa used under a creative commons license.

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