Monday, July 13, 2009

While You Were Summering

The International Conference on Alzheimer's disease kicked off this weekend, so we've got some Alzheimer's news (and really little else) in your weekend wrap below. ICAD's becoming more prominent on the calendar ... maybe IN VIVO Blog should go next year. What's that? It's in Hawaii next year? Oh you don't say.

Meanwhile we continue to digest the Effient approval (your # of f's may vary), the Phillies wrapped up a 9-1 homestand to cruise into the all-star break, and a few of your IVBers are mere days from taking some much-needed vacation time (things may be quiet around here for a few weeks, though surely not dormant).

While you were enjoying the sunshine ...

  • Does Bayer have an Alzheimer's disease diagnostic on its hands? Phase II data reported on Sunday look promising, reports Reuters.
  • Bloomberg reports on company-funded study: GSK's Avandia not going to make a dent in Alzheimer's.
  • Massachusetts experts, funded by stimulus cash, playing a big role in rollout of electronic medical records, says Boston Globe (h/t Michael_Gilman)
  • Fish oil pills. Study suggests you're going to have to keep enjoying them just for the taste.
  • Another $1 billion in US cash going toward buying swine flu vaccine, HHS Sec. Sebelius said on Sunday. Meanwhile, why should the vaccine makers have all the fun? You too can cash in on swine flu, with a, er, viral catchy Youtube video: $2,500 for the best flu PSA!
  • Meanwhile plans are being drawn up to vaccinate the entire UK population, reports ITN.
  • Early this morning Genentech and OSI said that further analysis of a Phase III study suggested Tarceva improved overall survival in advanced NSCLC.
  • If you're running the NYC half-marathon August 16th, or would like to, the Fresh Air Fund is looking for racer/fundraisers.
image from flickr user pictalogue used under a creative commons license

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