Monday, September 14, 2009

Is There a Drug Lag? We Still Don't Know

Is there a difference in the pace of approvals between the US and Europe? We asked, and you answered, with a clear, unambiguous "maybe."

The results of our poll are below, and glance at the responses makes it clear: about half of you think that yes, FDA has become too conservative and therefore drugs are more likely to make it to market first in Europe. And about half of you think there is really no difference.

There isn't much support for the idea that maybe the problem is that Europe hasn't learned to be appropriately cautious. We, however, feel compelled to point out that many in FDA might feel that way, raising the distinct possibility that if there is a drug lag, it will only close if Europe starts to slow down.

Thanks to all who commented, including a few who proposed "other" responses. Our favorite: "Both yeses are correct."

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