Monday, January 11, 2010

It's January, and You Know What That Means

Sorry about the tardiness of your favorite weekend roundup post today. Like the rest of the industry we've arrived in San Francisco this weekend with meetings and presentations and schmoozing galore to look forward to over the next few days of the JPMorgan Health Care conference. And so this is 8 hours behind.

Already the news is flowing. We've got deals, approvals, and scuttlebutt. Here's a little taste.
While you were escaping the cold/not noticing that earthquake/visiting Dr. Evil ...
  • KaloBios has signed a deal with Sanofi for its anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibody fragment. A good deal for the biotech with$35 million up-front for the Phase I/II project. We'll have more later in The Pink Sheet DAILY.
  • FDA says MAP Pharma is off the hook for a confirmatory Phase III of its migraine candidate. Company rejoices.
  • Biocryst has lined up Merck Serono and Hikma to market its anti-viral peramivir in assorted ex-US territories.
  • Apparently nobody puts Infinity in a corner. Or last on the presentation schedule.
  • GSK is exercising an option to progress a Chemocentryx IBD drug. That's $35 million worth of exercise for further development and worldwide commercialization of Traficet-EN (CCX282-B), a specific CCR9 antagonist.
  • Oh, and if you missed it on Friday, FDA has approved Roche's Actemra RA treatment, a first-in-class IL-6 receptor inhibitor.
  • Hope to see some of you at the conference!

image by flickr user christopher chan used under a creative commons license

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chris erdman said...

Thanks for the tip on the Forest Shareholder Letter, it is one of the most awesome bits of completely objective communication I have ever read. Also, extra credit to Dr. Evil for the accurate use of "contumely".

BTW, did you just call Infinity a baby?