Monday, February 08, 2010

While You Were: Snowpocalypse Now

Snow snow snow. It appears that the whitewash in Philly, Washington and other parts of the mid-Atlantic isn't quite over, with more winter weather forecast for later in the week and schools and government offices remaining closed today. Shovel and drive carefully, folks!

Oh yeah, the Super Bowl. N'awlins and Indy, Brees and Manning, Daltrey and Townshend, Dave and Jay (and Oprah). Here at IVB's UK HQ we didn't stay up all night to watch, but wish we had: we hear it was a good show. Congrats to the Saints.

Now, while you were digging your car out of the snow ...

  • Biotech Blowup: wish we thought of this ourselves.
  • Will Pharma rue cutting R&D? Meh, we're not convinced.
  • WSJ's Peter Loftus breaks down Sanofi-Aventis' options regarding its animal health JV with newly-enlarged Merck & Co.
  • Pfizer's new eCard goes live in Russia this month, reports the FT, and should come on line in other emerging markets later this year. The discount drug card will allow Pfizer to collect data on patients' drug use.
  • AZ is teaming up with Cancer Research UK to discover and develop drugs that target cancer metabolism, the non-profit said on Sunday.
  • President Obama has announced a televised, bipartisan, half-day health care reform summit to take place at the White House this month (snow permitting?). Move over Super Bowl ...

image courtesy flickr user RRRPhotos used under a creative commons license.

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