Monday, March 22, 2010

While You Were Reforming

Eventually those totals you see on the screencap above hit 219 -- 212, followed by a second vote, 220 -- 211, to adopt the tweaks to the Senate bill that were necessary to get the 219 on the first vote.

A couple Obama signatures later and the US has the comprehensive health care reform legislation that has dominated the agenda for months. And now for the hard part: selling the reform bill and coming out the other end politically alive.

Check out our family of pubs-- especially "The Pink Sheet" and The RPM Report -- for various takes on the consequences of the House vote and the implications for industry. Pharma, with its 32 million new customers, is a big winner (as we've been saying all along).

While you were staying up late to watch C-SPAN ...

image from flicker user paulbettner used under a creative commons license.

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