Thursday, January 06, 2011

And the Roger Goes To ... Your 2010 In Vivo Blog Deals of the Year Winners

Thank you, dear IVB readers, for your decisive voting this year. Gone are the days when a DOTY winner squeaked through with only 27% of the vote (we're looking at you, Roche's acquisition of Genentech). Again this year it seems that you'd rather vote on some categories and not others -- a hint for 2011? -- but at least you've managed to come to a consensus.

In short, everything's turning up Jersey in this year's contest, with Celgene apparently given a mandate to do as it pleases. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. The envelopes, please...

The IN VIVO Blog 2010 M&A Deal of the Year, with a shade over 50% of the vote, goes to Celgene/Abraxis, the $2.9 billion cash-and-stock-and-(whew!)-CVRs deal that puts Celgene deeply into solid tumors. Congratulations. Coming in second, with nearly 24%, is Abbott/Piramal, and third, with 18%, is Pfizer/King. No love for generics (Teva/Ratiopharm, 5%) or Endo's acquisition of Healthtronic (3%).

The IN VIVO Blog 2010 Alliance Deal of the Year, with a whopping 55% of the vote, goes to Celgene and Agios. This early-stage pact, in the area of cancer metabolism, was worth $130 million in upfront cash and equity payments and gives Celgene an option on Agios programs at the end of Phase I. Pfizer/Biocon was no slouch with nearly 32% of the vote, while four nominees were relegated to also-ran status: Abbott/Reata (7%), GSK/Amicus (2.5%), Pfizer/UCSF (3%) and Biogen/Knopp (less than 1%).

The IN VIVO Blog 2010 Exit/Financing Deal of the Year, with about 46.5% of the vote, goes to Ablexis. The mouse that roared! The company's June 2010 Series A from Third Rock and Pfizer Venture Investments twinned with its five-pharma consortium deal for its antibody discovery technology won the day in a well-qualified field. Incline took in 23%, Ironwood had 19%, and Castlight nearly 12%.

Thanks everyone for voting and if Celgene, Agios or Ablexis would care to make an acceptance speech, please contact us here.

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