Thursday, March 29, 2012

Take the PharmAsia China Survey, Get a Discount to PharmAsia Summit-Shanghai

Our colleagues at PharmAsia News are launching a survey on the China life sciences industry. We encourage all readers interested in China to participate. (Filling out the survey should take five minutes and in exchange you'll be eligible for a 15% discount on the PharmAsia Summit-Shanghai Sept. 24-26.)

The rise of emerging markets like China has provided life sciences companies with significant new growth opportunities, but also the challenge to achieve better health outcomes in regions struggling with affordability barriers and huge unmet medical needs.

China, in particular, is on the radar of most industry executives given its scale. China has risen to become the world’s third largest pharma market, according to data from IMS Health, and some analysts believe China is already the second largest market, trailing only the U.S.

To gain a better understanding of how industry is integrating China into their global strategies, Elsevier Business Intelligence (publisher of PAN, In Vivo, and "The Pink Sheet", among other titles) is teaming up with BayHelix, an organization of leaders of Chinese heritage in the global life sciences community, and the Monitor Group, a leading strategic consultancy, to launch a proprietary survey of PharmAsia News and EBI readers.

To start the survey, please click here.

Findings from the survey will be included in an exclusive report on innovation in China, to be released during the PharmAsia Summit-Shanghai (sponsored by EBI and BayHelix). In addition, selected findings will be covered in PharmAsia News during the weeks leading up to the Summit.

Please note that survey participants will remain anonymous. You will be issued a special code at the end of the survey to receive your 15% discount to the PharmAsia Summit-Shanghai.

Thank you for participating!

photo by Josh Berlin


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Yes it is unbelievable how China manage to rise so high so fast.

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Thanks for sharing information about the survey!