Monday, February 26, 2007

Abbott Joins In: Sales Force too Kos-tly

The conversation over at Cafepharma is even more colorful than usual these days in the wake of news that Abbott is slashing 20% of its newly enlarged pharmaceutical sales force.

After it's $3.7 billion acquisition of Kos we expected Abbott to reduce headcount in sales--much the same way Lilly had little need for Icos' extra infrastructure after it acquired the company last year. Expect more companies to follow suit, as Big Pharma bulk up fading pipelines via acquisition of specialty pharmaceutical companies, or smaller companies with specialty pharma assets.

Shire nipped a potentially similar problem in the bud when it bought New River. Had the companies moved forward with their co-promotion agreement on Vyvanse (New River had previously opted in to this portion of the companies' deal), Shire would have found itself footing the bill for New River's 25% contribution to the cause.

Meanwhile, Abbott's axe falls this Wednesday.
First flagged up at Pharmalot

UPDATE: The AP is reporting that Abbott will also shed 200 jobs in R&D:
The majority of the 200 scientists and researchers to be cut will come from the company's offices in northern Illinois, Abbott spokesman Scott Stoffel said Monday night. The bulk will come from a research unit that deals with the early discovery of treatments for metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes, he said.

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