Wednesday, February 28, 2007

But What if I Drool?

A ton of resources at Big Pharma are devoted to developing or licensing drug delivery technologies, for sure. But here's a publicly funded organization putting its money where, well, where its mouth is.

European researchers are developing an orally implantable drug delivery system that could improve compliance in patients on a wide variety of therapies. According to the developers, IntelliDrug, the fake-molar implant works thusly:
The micro-system comprises a medication reservoir and release mechanism, a built-in intelligence, micro-sensors and micro-actuators. IntelliDrug device will be placed in the oral cavity. The medicine is contained in the small reservoir. It will be released in a controlled manner accordingly to patient’s needs, for periods lasting days, weeks or months. The device will be reloaded in a simple non-invasive way. The released medicine will be either absorbed by the oral mucosa or swallowed by the patient.

Actual implant sans toothbrush and smile.

Source: BBC (via Onpharma)

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