Monday, June 25, 2007

Roche makes Ventana an offer it may or may not be able to refuse: $3 billion

As the market in the US closed today, Roche offered to buy the histopathology company Ventana Medical Systems for $75 per share, or about $3 billion to complement its in vitro diagnostics business. The bid is a 44% premium to Ventana's share price last Friday.

Lovely. The only problem? Ventana isn't playing ball. Which forced Roche to go public with the offer, and even disclose Roche chairman and CEO Franz Humer's "Dear Jack" letter to Ventana CEO Jack Schuler (see the link the the PR, above). Apparently Jack won't even take Franz's telephone calls; Ventana has been unwilling to engage in dialogue, etc. (No word on whether Ventana still sends Roche flowers or sings it love songs. We'll keep you posted.)
Meanwhile, there's a call for investors tomorrow--more to come.

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