Tuesday, June 05, 2007

PhRMA's DTC Verdict: it ain't broke, we're not gonna fix it

PhRMA's second Office of Accountability report on DTC advertising is out today (covering the second half of 2006) and, well, nobody is taking it very seriously.

They probably shouldn't. PhRMA is hardly a watchdog, as several commentators have pointed out today, and their report, which updates all of us on its constituents adherence to 15 'guiding principles' of DTC advertising, isn't exactly a model of transparency. Names were not named. Examples were not provided. But hey, nice charts.

Brandweek's NRx blog sums up the instrinsic conflict and comedy nicely (and hangs on to $50 in the process).

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Hi, Thanks for the flattering mention of BrandweekNRX. -- Jim Edwards