Friday, July 11, 2008


Got your attention?


IN VIVO Blog is very happy to provide you a link to our corporate cousin Medical Devices Today. But this just isn’t any old link. This embedded piece of html loveliness will lead you to a free copy of sister publication, The Silver Sheet, the preeminent publication covering the FDA’s interpretation and enforcement of the Quality System Regulation.

But wait, there’s more. This very valuable free copy of The Silver Sheet includes a complete list of all medical device recalls from last year listed by company, class and with specific detail on just what went wrong. Plus, an exclusive report on what the FDA is doing to try to find out what went wrong.

What would you pay for such a list? Don’t answer that question, because as we already mentioned, this particular issue is free.

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Anonymous said...

All good but somehow seeing "print only" is a deterrent to potential subscription for two reasons:

1. Do people still do 'print only'? Time to pick jaw off floor...

2. I live in the UK. Do I really need to wait for the USPS/ Royal Mail collaboration to get their act together? Er, no.