Monday, July 07, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion: Advisory Committee Edition

If your job depends on knowing the current landscape of FDA advisory committees, then you’ve probably kept up with these recent posts on the changing advisory committee scene.

Between the IN VIVO Blog and our colleagues at The RPM Report and “Sheets” of various colors, we have been taking the temperature of the FDA advisory committee pool (current temp range=uncomfortably warm/chilly) since conflict of interest rules have changed the makeup of panels, and FDAAA has made it more likely a drug will go to advisory committee...and that it will need to be accompanied by a risk mitigation plan.

“, it’s getting tougher. But what should I be doing about it?” you might ask.
We’re glad you hypothetically asked.

On Thursday, July 10, we are providing a webinar designed to answer that question: “The Road to FDA Approval: Advisory Committee Survival Strategies.” You can sign up to listen here.

-Chris Walker

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