Monday, August 25, 2008

Kennedy's 2009 Mission: Universal Healthcare

If you have any doubts about Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy's mission when he returns to the Senate in January 2009, he put them to rest with his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

In a very brief emotional speech that focused on the theme of hope, dreams and change, Kennedy mentioned only one specific legislative battle: universal healthcare. Here's what he said:

"For me this is a season of hope, new hope for a justice and fair prosperity for the many, and not just for the few--new hope.
And this is the cause of my life: new hope that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every American, north, south, east, west, young, old , will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege."

Kennedy is reportedly working with ranking Senate Health Committee Republican Michael Enzi (Wyo.) on a universal healthcare proposal ready to be introduced early next year, just after the inauguration. If Sen. Barack Obama wins in November, it could be Kennedy, not Hillary Clinton, leading the healthcare reform charge.

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I wonder how he plans to implement this? I know in Europe they have universal health care, but that is due to the high sales tax that they have. I wonder if tax will be the main source of income for his plan?