Monday, August 11, 2008

While You Were at the Beer Festival II

For those of you expecting an Olympic theme to the weekend roundup, well, there's always next week. Because this weekend we enjoyed our annual pilgrimage to the Great British Beer Festival in London. A quick review was in the works until a quick look at last year's beer festival post revealed we were about to say pretty much the same exact thing.

Suffice to say that Sharps, Caledonian, and Hook Norton were bringing their A-game as usual (wish we could say the same about our photographer). Another stalwart putting in a good showing was Cairngorm; its Trade Winds was particularly nice though we're still leaning toward old favorite Sharps' Atlantic IPA as our beer of the fest. A nice surprise for us was a lemongrass beer from Hop Back, Spring Zing.

There was little industry news with zing over the weekend, so we've put on the beer goggles so you don't have to:

  • Pfizer has reached another settlement over a generic Lipitor, Reuters reports, though there are no details available regarding the Big Pharma's deal with Apotex.
  • IMC11F8 is the catchy name given to Imclone's next-generation, fully human antibody viewed by many as a son-of-Erbitux. The candidate, not yet in pivotal trials, is at the core of the ongoing BMS/Imclone negotiation, points out today's Wall Street Journal. Bristol claims rights to the follow-up under the companies original 2001 alliance. Imclone disputes that entitlement, though hasn't always done so, says the Journal.

  • Via the SF Chronicle, one doctor's crusade to, uh, get a cool epocrates application on his iPhone so he didn't have to carry around an extra gadget.

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