Monday, January 26, 2009

IN VIVO Blog Poll: Immediate Reaction to Pfizer/Wyeth

Pfizer is buying Wyeth for $68 billion. Are there any winners in this monster deal, the largest in the industry since the 2000 formation of GSK?

There will be time for reflection and analysis in the coming days, weeks and months. But what's your immediate reaction? Is Pfizer smart to bulk up and diversify on top of its recent re-alignment? Does the deal position the combination for success as it approaches the Lipitor patent expiration? Are Wyeth and its shareholders getting a good deal?

We'll leave this poll open for 48 hours. We realize the answers below aren't very nuanced, but pick one that you most agree with. (Email subscribers--click here to take the poll.)


Anonymous said...

Pfizer's purchase of Wyeth is further evidence that Pfizer is and has been for a long time a marketing company, not a pharmaceutical company.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the number of biotech projects that Pfizer could buy to replenish it's pipeine with $68B.

Chris Morrison said...

excellent point, anonymous @ 4:10. We did that exercise with Roche/Genentech (See and we'll do it again for Pfizer, tomorrow.