Tuesday, January 20, 2009

While You Were Getting Your Guthrie On

Welcome to the Inauguration Edition of your (long) weekend roundup here at the IN VIVO Blog, and remember: this blog was made for you and me. On to the news!

So, while you were bird-watching ...

  • Is Lundbeck considering a takeout of up-for-sale Elan? According to The Independent it is, but the paper doesn't name any sources. (h/t Reuters) But after the Flurizan debacle it seems like a strange move to us, despite the therapeutic area tie up in CNS. Lundbeck is 70% privately owned, however, and so mightn't have difficulty moving forward with a deal if its investors are on-side.
  • Swiss biotech Arpida received an FDA 'complete response' letter for its NDA on the intravenous version of its antibiotic iclaprim. FDA, says Arpida, is requesting new clinical studies. The drug was dinged by FDA's advisory committee back in November.
  • Galapagos and GSK expanded their alliance in anti-infectives to cover three additional targets, triggering a payment of €2 million to the Belgian biotech.
  • Put down the knife, and STEP AWAY FROM THE PEANUT BUTTER.
  • What? Football? Well that didn't go very well, did it? Congratulations to the Steelers and the Cardinals and their fans.

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