Friday, February 20, 2009

IVB Enters the Modern Blogging Era: Podcasts, Twitter, and More

Photo by Timothy K. Hamilton

Ever thought to yourself, "you know self, that IN VIVO Blog is terrific, boy it sure is. But wouldn't it be great if it was even more terrific?" Before you reproach yourself for being greedy, well, never fear, we're going to give it a shot.

And so, dear readers, you may start to notice a few little changes around these parts. For example: twitter. Yup, no longer will your urge for 140-character IVB-gems go unfulfilled. Starting yesterday, you can follow us on twitter. And for those of you who visit the blog on the web, you'll see our recent twitters (tweets? Sorry, we're new to the whole bird-lingo thing) right there on the home page--just check out the right-hand column.---->

Oh, but that's not all. Starting next week we're going to be experimenting with a regular podcast. Look for it on Wednesdays (but probably not every Wednesday, at least not right away), we'll post it right here on the blog. The IVB Podcast will cover the same range of topics we cover here on the site and we're happy to entertain your suggestions for topics as well, just leave a comment or drop us a line.

So to recap our ongoing plans for eventual world domination (or at the very least, for catching up with well-established social media and blogging trends): this week, we're starting to twitter. Next week, the podcasting begins. The week after that? Who knows. As always, we love reader feedback (special thanks to those of you who took our survey a couple weeks back, especially if you were nice or wanted more Philly sports commentary with your health care analysis and insight--shockingly not everyone was/did!) so keep sending in suggestions on how to improve IN VIVO Blog.

And thanks for reading.

UPDATE 3/17: We're now running multiple twitter feeds @invivoblogchris, @invivoblogellen, @rpmreportmike, and @rpmreportramsey


Anonymous said...

Very much looking forward to the podcasts. Gracias.

Anonymous said...

mmm... how very 2006. Fond memories.

Anonymous said...

Probably jumping the gun here a bit, but will there be an RSS feed for the podcast? I'd love to get my subscription set-up and waiting so that I'll be ready to listen come Thursday morning, much better than watching old A-Team episodes in the morning...well maybe not better, but at least slightly more informative. It would help tip the odds completely in your favor if you could offer the occasional tip on how to turn an ordinary van into an armor plated tank.

Chris Morrison said...

The podcasts will be embedded into the blog's RSS feed at least but not sure if the podcast will have its own feed. as for competing with the A-Team, i'm just not sure that's possible. perhaps the tech-savvy first anonymous commenter can dub the audio from our podcast onto the video from the A-Team. If you sync it properly (start the podcast when the last jeep flips over/the music stops) and it'll rival Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon, i'm sure.

Tom Salemi said...

Houston, we have our theme song.

Can I be Face?

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