Monday, February 09, 2009

While You Were Awaiting Stimulus

While the rest of nation waits for Congress and President Obama to finally settle on a stimulus package that will jump start/drag down the economy, Sports Illustrated reported that the Yankee third-baseman Alex Rodriguez received a personal stimulus package back in 2003. The magazine reported that Rodriguez flunked a steroid test while playing shortstop for the Texas Rangers.

No word from A-Roid on the charges, but no matter. (Update: Rodriguez admitted it to We would still like to , we'd much rather hear what Obama will say tonight at his prime-time press conference. Until then ...

  • Drug stocks have historically been safe harbors in troubled economic times, but some harbors are clearly safer than others. Seeking Alpha reports that publicly traded biotechnology companies have outperformed pharma companies since the stock market hit bottom in November. Why? We'll give you two reasons: Pipe and Line. Okay, that’s really one reason.
  • Just a few days after news surfaced that GlaxoSmithKline plans to make deep, deep job cuts as part of a plan to shed £1bn a year in costs by 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported the pharma giant is in talks to buy Indian generic-drug company Piramel Healthcare Ltd. for roughly $1.5 billion.
  • If you see Charles Darwin, tell him Happy 200th Birthday from In VIVO Blog then feel free to call the San Francisco Chronicle or The Ghost Hunters .
  • Pork may be all the rage in Congress. But the FDA is all about the goats (no, we're not making a crack on agency personnel.) The agency approved first product derived from a genetically engineered animal, with the honor going to genetically modified goats. The Wall Street Journal reports on the approval of Atryn, developed by GTC Biotherapeutics Inc. for the treatment of a rare blood-clotting disorder known as hereditary antithrombin deficiency.
  • Carl Icahn took a little time away from erecting his siege tower outside Biogen Idec’s headquarters to give his two-cents in the Wall Street Journal on President Obama’s salary cap for those Wall Street execs obtaining federal bailout funds. His take: the cap is understandable but wouldn’t be necessary if management were more accountable to shareholders.
  • And no, “While You Were…” post would be complete without some mention of a Philadelphia sports team, so …yada, yada, yada ... aren't the Phillies great ... blah, blah, blah...they signed Ryan Howard. Enjoy.

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