Monday, April 13, 2009

While You Were Hippity Hoppiting

Awww, I mean c'mon. Isn't this just the cutest bunny you've ever seen.

Anyway, while he and his kind roamed the earth, delivering pediatric stimulants wrapped in pretty foil packages, the IVB world came to a virtual standstill during this multiple holiday weekend. Still, we did not give up our search of finding you the weekend's top stories. (We also didn't bite the ears off ours kids' chocolate bunnies, no matter what those little brats tell you.)

So, pushing forward...

  • So you think Chocolate is the magic elixir that can cure almost any ill. Maybe so, but here's another. Botox. Check out what docs can do with just a little dab of botulism in this New York Times piece .
  • In two completely unrelated articles, you can get a real whiff of the changes coming on Wall Street. The NYT, once again, reports on the exodus of experienced personnel  from the one-time financial titans to smaller financial houses. Meanwhile, the San Jose Mercury News --overseer of all things Silicon Valley--reports that the region as far fewer publicly traded companies did than in 1994.
  • Here's a quick spin around the globe. The slowdown of the auto industry certainly dented India's manufacturing base, but the pharmaceutical industry is coming to the rescue. That country's contract manufacturing industry could triple over the next year, according to sources quoted by The Economic Times. Meanwhile, over in the United Arab Emirates, lifestyle drugs are poised to make a big splash as that countries grappled with aging and obesity. See The Gulf News . Finally, the Minneapolis Star Tribune  says Wuxi Pharmatech is regretting last year's purchase of Apptech Laboratory Services Inc.
  • Got a minute? Boston University only had one minute to score two goals and drag the national championship game into over time. And that's exactly what they did.  And here's the winning overtime goal . Congratulations Terriers.

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