Monday, April 20, 2009

While You Were Travelling

OK so the above photo from your invivoblogger has little to do with AACR, M&A, or any other acronym that isn't MLB. But it epitomizes the springtimey weekend we enjoyed when we weren't finishing off IN VIVO stories, and the nice Philly trifecta on Sunday afternoon: Flyers and Sixers getting big playoff wins, and the Phils gaining a nice early-season come-from-behind victory.

Meanwhile, while you were bulking up in dermatology ...

  • Is GSK buying dermatology player Stiefel for up to $3.6 billion? WSJ says yes. GSK confirms, the release is here.
  • The AACR news releases are starting to roll in thick and fast. Get all your cancer research news here.
  • The Philly Inquirer writes about Wyeth's--and others'--vaccine bets, and the outlook for Prevnar 13.
  • As we've pointed out in the Pink Sheet Daily coverage of PSO last week, Merck isn't letting the Schering-Plough deal slow the pace of smaller dealmaking. This morning the company and Galapagos announced a tie-up in inflammatory diseases. (Reuters)
  • RIP J.G. Ballard.

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