Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Notes from BIO: Delicious Drug Delivery

We took part in a media meet and greet this morning billed as a 'speed-dating' session. Now maybe it's been a while since we were playing the field but as we sat down at our first table to give the IN VIVO spiel we were surprised by one aspect of the modern dating ritual.

Did we get flowers, a heavily perfumed come-on? No, we were offered some peanut brittle. And then told said peanut brittle was in Phase III development for type-1 type-2 [thanks to the commenter who pointed out the error] diabetes. Is it the real deal? We don't pretend to know (and to be fair the 'drug candidate' isn't the brittle itself, but an ingredient, already FDA approved as a food additive). But that's gotta be the best drug delivery pitch we've seen in some time.

image from flickr user u m a m i used under a creative commons license.

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Anonymous said...

You mention Type 1 diabetes in the article but then provide a link to a product that's promoted to be for people with type 2 diabetes. You may want to correct that.