Friday, July 09, 2010

FDA's Sharfstein On Avandia: "An FDA Decision"

FDA Deputy Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein was asked repeatedly during a briefing with media: Who will make the final decision on Avandia?

His answer: "It will be an FDA decision."

In the context of the question being asked, it wasn't a seemingly helpful response. But it gets to the heart of who carries the burden when the dust settles from the two-day advisory committee review on July 13-14.

If FDA chooses to pull the drug, the agency will have to explain to patients and prescribers why the drug, which an advisory committee voted overwhelmingly was linked to increased cardiovascular risks in 2007, has remained on the market for three years and counting. One could make the argument that it's been 12 years.

If FDA chooses to keep Avandia on the market--more restrictions or not--they'll have to explain to patients and prescribers why a drug linked to increase heart attack risks is still available.

Regardless, they have to explain the decision to their overseers in Congress and the public at large.

The gravitas of that decision and subsequent fallout means there is one person at "FDA" who will indeed make the final decision on Avandia: FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg.

So whether or not Hamburg literally makes the decision, it's hers.

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