Monday, July 26, 2010

While You Were Watching Mad Men

On Friday, it seemed like everything happened at once. Generic Lovenox. Teva saying generic Lovenox doesn't mean generic Copaxone (we described that contortion in Pink and on IVB back in January: nobody is in quite the same predicament as Teva). Sanofi-Genzyme? GSK-Genzyme??

Thankfully that momentum failed to generate a wave of weekend announcements and let everyone keep their mind on Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Oh, but there was news anyway, of course, news aplenty. And since this is going out late on Sunday, maybe even more news than this -- we'll try to update.

While you were following "team orders" ...

  • Britain's new Lib-Con governing coalition is shaking up the NHS, as we and many others wrote about a couple weeks back. The New York Times takes everyone's temperature on the proposal. The reaction is predictably mixed.
  • The WSJ profiles NIH's TRND program -- Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases. Last week "The Pink Sheet" took another look at the program, launched in 2009, to create a drug development pipeline within NIH that can get compounds through preclinical testing and ready for licensing to biotech or pharmaceutical companies in a competitive process.
  • Onyx data on carfilzomib expected around 7am -- conference call at 8am ET.
  • Bloomberg does the math: Teva fell as much as 8% on news that generic Lovenox was approved; analysts suggest shares will be volatile no matter how well Copaxone continues to grow.
  • Yet another murine version of human disease falls to the almighty sirtuin family, reports the NYT. This time, mouse-Alzheimer's.
  • Cerenis pulled in more than Eur 50 million to advance its HDL-mimetic program, and JP Garnier is joining its board. PR on the Eur 40mm Series C here, we'll have more -- including info on the Eur 10.7mm grant the company landed, in today's "Pink Sheet" DAILY.
  • A Boston Globe editorial suggests: "Publish data on drug trials -- even when it's not flattering."
  • A New York Times editorial asks: "Will the agency have the courage to reverse course when a medical treatment that it approved based on preliminary evidence flops badly in follow-up studies?" Gee, i wonder what they're talking about?
  • Roche's Genentech has licensed a late-preclinical stage fully human IL-17 mAb from NovImmune. Upfront, milestones, royalties -- but specific terms not disclosed.
  • This is from last week, but it's not every day someone gets a prosthetic arm belonging to the mannequin of Lefty O'Doul in the mail.
  • Contador doesn't lose his chain or take a tumble, wins 3rd Tour.
  • I'm not sure what I think about Brewdog's End of History beer. Not that I'll ever get to try one. Meanwhile, about a week until the GBBF. Recommendations? In the comments, pls.

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