Tuesday, December 11, 2007

REVA's a Keeper

Perhaps the most interesting part of Reva Medical Inc.'s announcement that it raised $42 million isn't who joined the company as an investor. Rather it's who has remained an investor--Boston Scientific.

The struggling company has been busy divesting itself of most of its portfolio--up to 100 public and private companies--as part of its restructuring. (See the upcoming issue of IN VIVO magazine for a small report on Boston Scientific's weight loss program.)

New CFO Sam Leon told investors at one conference that the company's portfolio looked more like a venture capital firm's portfolio than a business development important so it's shedding those investment that aren't in line with its core focus and "building a wall" around those that are.

It appears that REVA hasn't been kicked off the Natick, Mass. compound. No reason to wonder why, the company is working a bioresorbable stent, and Boston Scientific has the exclusive option for global distribution for both the corornary and periperal products.

Think Boston Scientific would be interested in one of those? Yeah, IN VIVO Blog thinks so too.

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