Monday, December 24, 2007

While You Were Hanging Your Stockings By the Chimney with Care

"It's a major award!"

Not many creatures stirring this pre-holiday weekend, but we couldn't resist keeping up our weekly roundups of what you might have missed anyway. Basically, not much. We guess it isn't a surprise that you won't find us keeping up the not-quite-rigorous blogging pace this week and the beginning of next, though surely we'll pop up from time to time to amuse those of you hard at work. For the rest of you, bundled up on the couch watching "A Christmas Story," be careful not to shoot your eyes out this week.
  • Winner: IMS Health: Maine's state law that restricts access by medical-data companies to doctors' prescription information is unconstitutional, says a Federal Judge, according to an AP report in today's WSJ. You could have seen this one coming if you a) thought a previous ruling in New Hampshire pointed toward a similar result in Maine or b) you read about this on Friday (hey we told you it was a slow weekend).
  • The Boston Globe ran a Q&A with CMS boss Kerry Weems on Sunday. Weems is on the road encouraging consumers to shop around for the best medicare plans.
  • The Times profiles Renovo CEO Mark Ferguson, whose career has taken him from "dentist to alligator biologist to pharmaceutical chief executive eyeing an estimated £6 billion virgin blockbuster market."
  • Ben Goldacre's Bad Science reminds us that particularly around the holidays, some health studies are too good to be true.

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