Sunday, December 30, 2007

While We Weren't Blogging

Our apologies for the service outage this week. Everyone needs a break now and then, and we at the IN VIVO Blog are no different. Those of you who were in the office last week, we hope you got your fix elsewhere--our blog roll on your right provided some excellent recommendations, we're sure.

Before 2007 becomes 2008 we'll be back with our own version of that end-of-year tradition, the "top-ten" list. And next week a few of us will head west to attend the annual JP Morgan Health Care conference--where we'll plan on blogging about the year to come. And going to parties.

Finally we want to thank you for dropping by our little corner of the Internet. We've been at this for eight months now, and we hope you reading the IN VIVO Blog as much as we enjoy writing it. Happy New Year.

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