Monday, January 28, 2008

While You Were Almost Upsetting

We've been told by certain football (soccer) fans that there are not enough allusions to the beautiful game in our weekend roundups. So as equal opportunity sports enthusiasts we thought Saturday's FA Cup fourth round near-upset of Premier League giants Liverpool by the part-timers from the curiously named Havant and Waterlooville away at Anfield warranted a mention. (And hey it's the NFL's ridiculous weekend off anyway.)

Even though they lost 5-2, this team of teachers, builders and trash collectors (not sure if there are any pharma bloggers on the team, but who knows maybe the mysterious Insider from Pharmagossip plays for them) led twice and gave one of the top teams in Europe quite a scare, at least in the first half.

What else was going on this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I can confirm that I was not playing for Havant..... or Liverpool, for that matter.

Great game tho'!

Pip pip.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they will 'walk alone'...