Sunday, January 13, 2008

While You Were Staying Put

It's always sunny in ... London?

Lets kick off the weekend wrap-up by highlighting a trio of stories from The Times about incoming GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty. The paper calls Witty a "survivor" and notes that he'll need all of those Bear Grylls skills in the tough year ahead. It also points out that Witty might be immune to the many charms of Philadelphia and will be running the show from west London. We guess he opts for fish 'n' chips over Philly cheesesteak, Lord's over Citizen's Bank Park, Twickenham over The Linc. (That said, GSK's dual-HQ model remains.) Interesting sure, but we don't know why it took them three articles to establish all this.

In other news ...
  • Has Idenix's refocusing on its early stage virology pipeline begun to pay off? At least one analyst thinks so.

  • The Financial Times rounds up some analyst comment suggesting that despite an incredible week for drug stocks like GSK and AstraZeneca, pharmaceuticals, long a haven for investors in tough economic times, may no longer be able to satisfy investors looking for a defensive stance.

  • Researchers at the University of Minnesota have grown a functioning rat heart in the laboratory. Reuters, via WSJ.

  • The Boston Globe writes that Boston Scientific Corp. execs insist the company is on the verge of rebounding from two years of post-Guidant woe.

  • Drug development is hard. Drug discovery, dealmaking, getting a drug approved, growing rat hearts in some tricked-out ehrlenmeyer flask: all tough, worthy jobs. But they all pale in comparison to catching a swordfish with your bare hands. Have a good week, and try to keep it in perspective, people.

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