Thursday, March 13, 2008

High Noon Haiku: Endo, RNAi, and EPO

Sometimes we don't have the time to cover all the stories we'd like. But occasionally we'd like to link over to them anyway, while encouraging you, the reader, to give us a short take on the rest of the day's news. Welcome to High Noon Haiku. Give it your best shot in the comments (remember, it's 5-7-5) ...

AZ and Silence
New deal in RNAi
Where are the details?


Amgen, J&J:
EPO benefits outweigh
The risks, FDA!


Peter Lankau's gone
Endo didn't waste much time
Holvek's the new boss


Wall St. Journal blog
Has good piece on new blind gov
Too bad they're Mets fans

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Anonymous said...

You'd rather they were Y*****s fans.

Go Jays!

Chris Morrison said...

Of course not, anon.
This IN VIVO blogger bleeds
Phila. Phillies Red

Anonymous said...

Avastin label
progression free survival
center cannot hold