Monday, March 10, 2008

While You Were Springing Forward

It certainly doesn't feel like spring at Windhover UK, but we'll take your word for it. Here are a few newsy things you may have missed over your abbreviated in-like-a-lion weekend.

  • Lilly's Alaskan Zyprexa adventure rumbles along. The New York Times took a look on Saturday at Friday's testimony from Dr. John Gueriguian, a diabetes specialist and ex-FDA reviewer testifying on behalf of Alaska, whose bottom line is this: Lilly put “profit over concern of the consumer" by waiting too long to inform doctors of Zyprexa's links to severe weight gain and blood sugar changes.
  • The WSJ interviews Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer, who talks about Amgen's recent tough times, its deal with Takeda, the difficulties of drug discovery and development, and some of the Big Biotech's new products, denosumab (D-Mab) and N-Plate, among other things. No word on why Amgen is giving all its product candidates these celeb-esque nicknames though.
  • Hey, check it out. Free pharmaceuticals! (In your drinking water supply.) But just how will pharmacos charge for these freebies?
  • More on this later, but for the moment allow us to get our Kent Brockman on to say we, for one, welcome our new insect corporate overlords.

The Windhover photo from flickr user greg.turner used under a creative commons license.

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