Monday, March 03, 2008

While You Were Stormin' the Floor

Well there's something you don't see every day: some floor-storming at Newman Arena! Over the weekend with victories against Dartmouth and Harvard (yes, the cheaters) Cornell wrapped up its first Ivy title and NCAA tournament berth in 20 years. Plenty of coverage here. The pundits are predicting a 13- or a 14-seed for the Big Red. In other news ...

  • The Times' science correspondent Mark Henderson gets genotyped in the interests of sciencetainment. His weapon of choice, deCODE's deCODEme service, turns out to have its ups and downs, says Henderson, but overall he seems comfortable and satisfied with the process. Here's what a panel of experts say about Henderson's experience, along with some responses from deCODE CEO Kari Stefansson.

  • Solvay to Teva: 'Git orffff my lawwnnn!!'

  • MGI Pharma gets a big label-expanding approval for Aloxi in post-operative nausea and vomiting. The news capped a trio of positive regulatory announcements for parent Eisai; before the Aloxi news Eisai noted Japanese approval for Vasolan in arterial fibrillation and said FDA had granted its proton-pump inhibitor Aciphex priority review for treating the paper route set.
  • J&J's Centocor has launched a corporate blog, news of which we first saw on Pharmalot, where Ed fairly notes the new site is a bit bland, and wonders how corporate sites like this affect the "long-running experiment in which communications, marketing and legal teams clash over the extent to which pharma can - and should - engage the rest of the world." CNTO411 joins JNJBTW in the Johnson & Johnson blogging family.

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