Thursday, June 11, 2009

The IN VIVO Blog Podcast: Corporate Venture

Your amazing IN VIVO Blog team does it again--if we do say so ourselves. (And since we are incapable of humility, we will.) Another day. Another podcast.

Yesterday McAllen, Texas. Today the world of corporate venture capital, based on a comprehensive article Ellen Licking wrote for the May issue of START-UP. (Click here to take a gander at the story.)

Sadly, no word yet on whether President Obama has mandated this particular piece as required reading in the West Wing. Somehow we'll survive...

Don't feel inclined to dig into the story right now? Click the button below and listen to the podcast summary of what Roger Longman calls a "magnificent piece." Trust us, Roger never says that--unless he's trying to get a writer to do even more work. And don't forget, you can access the podcast via iTunes also.

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