Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shameless Euro-Biotech Forum Promotion

Shameless. We think it's just shameless how some otherwise self-respecting bloggers, providing valuable, balanced, editorially-independent and intelligent industry commentary, lapse into the occasional fit of promotional madness.

Don't you? We mean, it's as if we were to use this space to plug our forthcoming Euro-Biotech Forum in Barcelona. There'd be plenty to say: the event, held June 29-July 1 in the classy Hotel Arts Barcelona, is simply the most productive partnering meeting out there.

That's why it'll be teeming with senior dealmakers, from Pfizer, GSK, Merck & Co., J&J, Sanofi-Aventis, AZ and plenty more, including the leading Big Biotechs and European mid-caps.

And as well as kicking off--or closing--their next set of deals, Euro-Biotech attendees will hear our own guru Roger Longman's view on dealmaking's new drivers, plus get to question our hand-picked panelists during discussions covering alternative biotech financing, and Big Pharma's risk-mitigating strategies in dealmaking. (If we were so inclined we could even link to the full schedule.)

That's not to mention presentations from leading European/US mid to large companies, acquirers, investors and private equity, and a couple of fantastic receptions. (Keen to come, know you'd be crazy not to? We happen to know where you can get great conference packages.)

You see? You see how easily it's done, this shameless self-promotion thing? Be warned. That it's easy is no excuse.

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