Monday, June 01, 2009

While You Were at ASCO

Hey you'll never guess, but there was an oncology meeting down in Mickey-Mouse land this weekend. No, seriously. Small group of cancer docs, it flies below the radar. Yeah that's probably why you hadn't heard of it. Say it with us: Aaasssssccccoooooohhhhh. No, ASCO.

There have been announcements galore from the annual meeting, and some interesting discussions as well. Mary Jo Laffler reported last night on a compare and contrast of FDA and EMEA, where FDA's oncology chief Richard Pazdur observed “EMEA is not the FDA of Europe, and the FDA is not the EMEA of the United States.” And this morning we wrote that Merck and AstraZeneca are announcing a tie-up in the oncology space, a rather limited but still significant deal to test the industry's most advanced mek and AKT inhibitors together in an early-stage clinical trial. We'll have more on that deal in The Pink Sheet DAILY later this morning.

Did you take the weekend off (god forbid!)? Well then, get ready for an onslaught of oncology development news. While you were winning #250 ...

image from flickr user StevenM_61 used under a creative commons license.