Monday, June 22, 2009

While You Were Calling Your Father

We hope you enjoyed a restful Father's Day/Solstice weekend, without too much rain. It was blissfully quiet in industry land, the calm before the storm, maybe?

While you were playing Bethpage Wet ...

  • Like health care reform news? We've got a few posts for you today and this week promises to be a busy on on the HCR front. Start off with this WSJ wrap of the weekend deal that sees Pharma agreeing to spend $80 billion over the next ten years to improve Medicare benefits.
  • Merck's statement on the deal is here.
  • Have you signed up for Euro-Biotech Forum yet?
  • Roche is collaborating with Covagen, a Swiss biotech developing a new kind of protein-based drug it calls Fynomers. Undisclosed targets, undisclosed terms.
  • Even for a losing streak, the Phillies' current one pretty spectacularly awful.
  • A workout for fathers with young children. Happy belated fathers' day.
image from flickr user @@:@@ used under a creative commons license.

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