Friday, June 26, 2009

Piven on Biologics Exclusivity: Ten Years!

By now you've heard that the White House thinks seven years exclusivity for biologics is the right way to go. The branded firms were shooting for 12 or 14. Here's the Pink Sheet Daily coverage and the White House letter from Nancy Ann De Parle and Peter Orszag.

Breaking news: PhRMA and BIO have hired a new agent, who responds, uh, point blank:

Hmmm. The ball's in your court, Waxman. Happy Friday.

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Scott S said...

Let's hope the compromise between Waxman's proposed 5 years and the industry's push for 14 years ends up at a midpoint, which should be around 7-8 years! Big biotech does not deserve any more than regular pharmaceutical companies do to recoup their investments!