Thursday, March 26, 2009

DNA's Tombstone

Much has been made today--and oh, for about nine months--about the demise of an independent Genentech at the hands of its majority owner, Roche. The biotech pioneer's stock will cease trading after today.

Goodbye, NYSE:DNA.

Harken back to your initial reactions last July (here is ours). How did you think about the Roche-fication of Genentech then and how do you think about it now, with the Pfizer/Wyeth and Merck/SGP merger announcements in the rear-view mirror and the economy in the toilet?

We've seldom, if ever, written more about a deal than we have the various incarnations of Roche/Genentech. You can find much of our collective work here on the blog. For the big juicy pieces since July 2008, go here and here and here.

Even with our extensive coverage, we've barely touched on many of the central issues looming as Roche looks to integrate Genentech.

Among them: If the DNA of Genentech is about its individual managers and scientists, will Genentech live on if they remain? Or is the departure of many a foregone conclusion with the lure of greener start-up pastures or the axe of restructuring looming large? Or has there always been a bit of myth to the magnitude of the Genentech magic? In short, what's next?

To paraphrase the old pizza commercial, what do you want on Genentech's tombstone?


Anonymous said...

You make biogenerics seem so easy.. As if once Congress passes the legislation FDA will be ready the next week to accept and review submissions. What about the years it will take FDA to put together regulations and guidance for all this? We'll be lucky to see the first biogeneric approved under this movement in what 4-5 years?

Anonymous said...

DNA Born with pioneering spirit 1776 Grew up through turbulent times but forged new trails. Shot-gun wedding to Older First Cousin 2009 (Death was due to wasting away of the enterprising drive that had long sustained it)

Anonymous said...

What is Roche buying into with its $46 billion dollar acquisition of Genentech: world-class research, groundbreaking innovation, and an impenetrable culture within its employees.

Want proof? Check out the snow sledding, Halloween skits and bull riding that became a part of daily life on campus.

We’ve got the videos…and the $46B dollar question on Beaker’s Blog at the bottom of our homepage ( ).

Anonymous said...

Those of us who have grown up in healthcare, academia and then moved on to the Biotech industry in Biotech Bay know that this was/has been coming for many years. Just as Chiron was completed with Novartis.. Not to worry - the progression from an enbryotic company to an adolescent company was a terrific run and well executed. Now that DIA is a mature company the needs will be different. The leadership of both companies Roache and Genentec will form a union of successes not only because of the science but because of the right people. There is pruning that will need to happen and those who survive will continue to drive the mission to end human suffering. This is not only there passion and destiny. But, the patient has always been first.