Monday, March 02, 2009

While You Were Throwing Snowballs

At least on the East Coast, March has apparently lived up to its reputation and come in like a large cat. Here at IVB we're not so much concerned with the way it begins and ends, but instead would rather focus on the Madness in between.

Speaking of madness: while you were making snowmen ...

  • That Sebelius/HHS announcement that made so much news this weekend? Ramsey Baghdadi had the scoop for the IN VIVO Blog.
  • Art imitates life imitating comedy imitating sad state of the world: Pharma Giles at PharmaGossip.
  • Wyeth's Prevenar approved in Russia.
  • Roche scheme to enhance Pulmozyme compliance probably needed a little more thought, don'cha think? The company has now been censured in the UK for giving out Toys R Us gift certificates to children on the drug, reports the FT.
  • Actelion's application to expand Tracleer's use into PAH patients with less severe disease greeted with a complete response letter from FDA. FDA says Actelion's REMS first needs to be finalized and approved before it can finish its review of the sNDA.
  • Have higher regulatory hurdles affected investment in early-stage Type-2 diabetes companies? VCs weigh in at The Pink Sheet.
  • Offenses across the NFC East are breathing easier. Sadly, Brian Dawkins, no longer an Eagle, signs 5-year deal with Denver Broncos.

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Anonymous said...

Snowballs? We were throwing logs on the fire as the market crashed and burned, Chris.