Monday, March 30, 2009

While You Were At ACC

Steel yourselves for a few days of cardiovascular news aplenty as the American College of Cardiology meeting has kicked off in Orlando. Meanwhile by unpopular demand we must make note of the Australian Grand Prix (heretofore to be referenced as the curious case of Jenson Button). And so long as we're talking about really fast driving we might as well mention some other sporting feats from the weekend: Tiger is Back, Villanova is For Real, and for the upteenth consecutive year this blogger has thrown away multiple hard-earned Alexander Hamiltons on NCAA tourney pools. Oh and Opening Day? Less than a week away.

While you were counting the days ...

image from flickr user StevenM_61 used under a creative commons license.


rob said...

and the worst thing about opening day... not on TV here in the UK this year...

Chris Morrison said... is worth it if you've got a solid broadband connection.