Monday, March 09, 2009

While You Were Mulling It Over

For Genentech investors, with the weekend, perhaps, came decisions decisions. And what to make of Friday's big news? A filibuster-proof majority of our astute readership (at least based on the sample of those of you who decided to vote) say the new $93/share Roche offer for Genentech is inadequate--and most of those predict Roche will come in with (another) higher bid. It ain't scientific, folks, but there you have it. UPDATE: Well, there goes the neighborhood--Merck buying SGP for $41.1 billion.

Meanwhile, while you were reuniting ...

  • President Obama lifted Bush-administration restrictions on federally financed human embryonic stem cell research, though he punted on the question of whether federal funds should go toward creating the embryos in the first place. (NYT)
  • Victory Pharma, privately held specialty pharma & marketer of the NSAID Naprelan, raises $45mm from Essex Woodlands and Ampersand. New money to go toward hiring Robert Duvall for DTC Ad campaign "I love the smell of Naprelan in the morning ... It smells like ... Victory Pharma." **
  • Some good news for Basilea for a change--Toctino approved to treat adults with severe chronic hand eczema in Scotland.
  • Takeda shares are reeling following Friday's FDA decision to apply its new diabetes drug development guidelines to the alogliptin NDA. (Reuters)
** not true
magic eight ball image from flickr user anth's used under creative commons

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